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June 1, 2008
Singles by DUX Dental — Have you ever wondered why some alginate impressions look really great, but others have voids...
Singles by DUX Dental
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Singles by DUX Dental — Have you ever wondered why some alginate impressions look really great, but others have voids, bubbles, and just look awful? I usually blamed it on the material, threw the rest of it out, and ordered new. Or, I would blame it on the operator (yes, you guessed it — the dental assistant) and I would retrain her on how to mix alginate impression material. Well, the cause of the problem likely wasn’t either one. Mixing alginate is a lot like making coffee. Both start with a scoop. In the case of coffee, do you use a level scoop or a heaping scoop? In the case of alginate, do you fluff the material, do you pack the scoop, or just level it off? Next comes the water. With coffee, do you put in the exact number of cups, or is it a little more or a little less? With alginate, do you get the water measure and calculate the exact amount of water with the level of the water in the center of the vial, or do you add a little extra or less, or do you just guess and pour a “shot” of water into the bowl? The point of this: it is critically important to have the correct amount of alginate material and the precise amount of water. The nice people over at DUX Dental have made it all very easy with the introduction of new packaging for their Identic and KromaFaze Alginates. The Singles packaging makes the material even easier to use. The packages contain a premeasured volume of alginate for a single impression. The water measure is incorporated as part of the package. You simply cut the package on the indicated line with a scissors and put the powder in the bowl; then fill the other side of the package with water, add it to the powder, and mix. It’s simple, fast, better, and consistent! The premeasured amount of alginate coupled with the exact amount of water ensures correct mixing ratios that result in perfect, consistent mixes every time. With one product, you have eliminated the canister, the dust, the scoop, the water vial, and most important, the guesswork. It also makes moving the alginate around the office quick and easy. Order Singles from your dealer and be sure to visit to view a dental seminar on the use of Singles.

Filtek LS Posterior Restorative System by 3M ESPE
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Filtek LS Low Shrink Posterior Restorative System by 3M ESPE — One of the major complaints about composite materials is shrinkage. When I first began using composites in the early 1980s, dental scientists were measuring the amount of flexure of the occlusal tooth cusps after curing. Much of the early sensitivity and failures associated with composites was blamed on shrinkage. Over the years, various companies have announced new composites with less shrinkage, but the issue of volumetric shrinkage and its effect on marginal integrity has largely gone unsolved — until now. 3M ESPE has changed the approach to controlling shrinkage with the development of silorane chemistry. 3M ESPE reports that this system presents a scientific breakthrough that significantly reduces the threat of shrinkage and coincident marginal gap formation, leakage, and the risk of secondary caries. Recent studies comparing Filtek LS to leading methacrylate-based composites show a significant reduction in polymerization stress. High polymerization stress is a clinically relevant contributor for clinical symptoms such as cusp deflection, enamel fracture, and postoperative sensitivity. Silorane technology increases ambient light stability up to nine minutes of handling time under the operatory light. I have found the material easy to place, even in horizontal layers, and its sculptability allows me to create occlusal anatomy prior to curing. In order to use this great new Filtek LS composite system, you must strictly follow the directions for the chemistry to work. You must use a dedicated system adhesive: 3M™ ESPE™ LS System Adhesive Self-Etch Primer and Bond. The self-etch adhesive is available in two vials that must be used consecutively; LS Self-Etch Primer is used prior to LS Bond. Combined with LS primer and bond, Filtek LS restorative provides a simple posterior restorative system for dentists who value low-shrink technology. The complete restorative system features four popular radiopaque shades, in one opacity level, and is delivered in capsules and syringes which can all be ordered from your dealer. This is one of those great new products that must be used correctly to get the best results. I have created some wonderful posterior composite restorations with the Filtek LS System. I think you will like it, too. Visit for more information.

Practice Dentistry Pain-Free by Bethany Valachi, MS, PT, CEAS
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Practice Dentistry Pain-Free— a new book by Bethany Valachi, MS, PT, CEAS. This groundbreaking book uses evidence-based strategies to prevent pain and to extend your dental career. In this book that bridges the gap between dental ergonomics and work-related pain, you will discover how your job and equipment are affecting your health. This book is for everyone who works in dentistry, even those on the industry side of dentistry and the consultants who advise the dental practice workers. I would like to tell you about the author of this great book. Bethany Valachi is a physical therapist, dental ergonomic consultant, and president of Posturedontics, LLC, a research-based dental ergonomic educational resource for dental professionals. She is a clinical instructor in ergonomics at the Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry. She lectures internationally and provides in-office dental ergonomic consultations to help team members manage and prevent pain syndromes. To date, 77% of her ergonomic consultation clients have experienced a reduction of pain. You will discover how to:

  • Recognize pain syndromes unique to dentistry
  • Implement appropriate interventions for chronic back, neck, shoulder, hand or wrist pain.
  • Select the proper equipment that fits you and your operatory
  • Correct damaging posture and body mechanics before they cause pain
  • Perform chairside stretches in your operatory to prevent microtrauma
  • Identify which exercises benefit dental professionals and which exercises to avoid

Start implementing these easy, effective techniques today to work more comfortably, prevent injuries, improve your quality of life, and extend your career. Because, after all, what good is your lucrative dental practice if your body retires before you do? To order, call (503) 291-5121 or visit

Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejector from Crosstex International
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The Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejector from Crosstex® International — I find that my hygienists seem to fall in love with their saliva ejectors, and when I ask them to try a new one, it causes them to become very possessive and afraid of change. I actually had to hide their beloved saliva ejector to get them to try the new Crosstex Comfort Plus. After the first one, they were hooked and quickly divorced the other saliva ejector. They are all happy again and in love with Comfort Plus. Speaking of love, I really love the way it works under a rubber dam. Finally — a saliva ejector that does its job without locking onto tissue and traumatizing patients! Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejector has perfectly placed suction ports with rounded edges and smooth surfaces that protect delicate mucosa while they optimize fluid and light debris removal — even when stationary for an extended time. The sleekly designed tip greatly reduces tissue blockage of suction. The wire-reinforced Comfort Plus saliva ejector is perfectly bendable, yet firmly holds the shape you create. Your suction placement and fluid removal are manageable, predictable, atraumatic, and reliable, even under a rubber dam, out of your field of vision. The Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejector is one of the latest in a line of innovative products from Crosstex International. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

Take1 Advanced from Kerr Corporation
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Take 1® Advanced — from Kerr Corporation — It seems to me that one of the most frustrating parts of dentistry is waiting for materials to set up. This is especially true of impression materials, since they are very susceptible to the manner in which they are handled. You should be looking for a material that will give you a big selection of viscosities, set times, and delivery methods that will help you overcome all the common problems that occur in taking an impression. I need an impression material that will allow me to put a clinical system into place that allows me to get perfect impressions the first time, every time. The physical and mechanical properties dictate how well it will perform in different clinical situations.

I am sure that each of us has a wish list of the ideal impression material. I think there are certain things you should look for in your impression material of choice, such as tear strength and elongation. You want a strong, flexible material that will stretch around undercuts after setting without tearing or distorting. Look for a wash material that is hydrophilic, but your clinical system should include controlling the fluids around the tooth you are impressing for the best results. Of course, you will need a material that is dimensionally stable and will not distort. Kerr has taken one of my favorite impression materials, Take 1, and made some impressive changes that meet all of my criteria. Take 1 Advanced meets all of the standards that I demand of an impression material and it deserves your attention. I know it is difficult to change materials, but this is one you need to try for yourself. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

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