It's summer, so enjoy yourself!

June 1, 2002
Summer has arrived! The kids are out of school, and the vacation schedule has begun. For the first time in several years, I have scheduled a few vacations that have nothing to do with dental meetings or speaking engagements.

Summer has arrived! The kids are out of school, and the vacation schedule has begun. For the first time in several years, I have scheduled a few vacations that have nothing to do with dental meetings or speaking engagements. I am a great one for inviting Sue, my wife, to join me on trips that are geared around dental meetings. Most of my "vacations" have involved spending a couple of days "vacationing" before or after a meeting. Sue finally put a stop to this!

The first vacation is a family affair. We have been trying for the last few years to put together a family vacation, but something has always stopped it - a new baby, an illness, conflicting schedules, you name it! But thanks to Sue's great organizational abilities, my frequent flyer miles, and our credit card, we are going to Disney World the first week in June - all 18 of us! That includes four children with spouses and eight grandchildren, ranging in age from almost two to 15. We are staying in a Disney Resort and look forward to a wonderful, fun-filled week. I have 15-year-old twin grandsons, Alex and Kyle, who have carefully planned my itinerary of rides during the week. They keep telling me that I will love the rides. I will report later on the results!

The subsequent vacations involve traveling with some dear friends to visit areas of the good, old USA that we have never seen. We have traveled all over Europe, yet a couple of years ago was our first time to visit Yosemite. We have decided to stay close to home and explore the areas we have missed.

Vacations are meant to be fun times! Don't try to cram in too much. I once took the family to Europe - six countries in 21 days. What a whirlwind trip! We all needed a month off to recuperate. Vacations should be a time of renewal and rejuvenation - a time to recharge the batteries. So take time to smell the flowers this summer. Sit on the beach, read a book (not dental-related), and enjoy yourself!

This month, we feature the annual Matsco Office Design contest winner. Congratulations to Dr. Kani Louise Nicolls of Asheville, N.C. She has done a great job of space management in her new office. She has utilized every inch of space and come up with a wonderful design. I hope you will glean some ideas for your own office as you read about this innovative, high-tech practice.

There are a couple of great articles in the "How To Profit From" section on tooth-whitening. Be sure to read Dr. Louis Malcmacher's article on the instant gratification of in-office bleaching. Dr. Jack Griffin writes about how to get patients interested in bleaching and the systems you need to have in place to make this a successful treatment in your office.

I have a favorite childhood picture of myself. It was taken at a Cub Scout meeting when I was about nine years old. It shows a little boy full of excitement, wonder, anticipation, confidence, and enthusiasm. Nothing can stop him! I look back at this photograph and hope that I still have all of those characteristics. Am I excited about every day? Do I bring excitement to the office and share it with my team and my patients? Successful dentists whom I have met over the years have an excitement for everything they do!

Do I bring wonder and anticipation to the office every day? Do I anticipate that today will be another great day full of surprises and opportunities to serve others? I wonder at all of my God-given talents that I use every day without a second thought.

Do I bring confidence and enthusiasm to the office each day? Do I have confidence that I will rise to the occasion and give my best to everyone with whom I come in contact? I have confidence in my abilities as a dentist. With confidence comes an understanding of how gifted we really are and an enthusiasm for what we do. I hope that you have the confidence and enthusiasm to give everyone your very best - just like that little boy in the photograph!

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