Molis Coaching "has changed my practice and my life"

Nov. 27, 2023
Learn what this general dentist from Tennessee told Dr. Joshua Austin about the experience of using Molis Coaching to grow his Invisalign services.

Dr. Todd Fisher is a general dentist in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He was looking to add some services to his practice, and with the help of Molis Coaching, Invisalign became a huge part of his production. Here’s what he has to say about his journey.

Joshua Austin: Dr. Fisher, tell our readers a little about your practice.

Todd Fisher: After working as an associate for a couple of years, I started a scratch practice in 2016. The past two years we have really grown our practice through clear aligner therapy, specifically Invisalign.

JA: A start-up practice is always a daunting effort. Did you have a lot of ortho education in dental school?

TF: Getting a practice off the ground was definitely a challenge. Luckily, I had the full support of my wife and surrounded myself with a great team of people to help. Unfortunately, I did not receive a lot of ortho education in dental school. We had one or two lecture courses and a lab that consisted of bending wires into different shapes. There was almost no mention of clear aligners, so I have had to learn a lot on my own since dental school.

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JA: Why did clear aligners and Invisalign appeal to you as a focus for your new practice?

TF: Initially, Invisalign was not a focus; I didn’t have enough training to be confident in getting predictable results. I was certified to provide Invisalign at the end of 2018. I did four cases between 2018 and 2021, choosing only very easy cases.

In 2021 my rep introduced me to iTero and Molis Coaching. Since then, I have learned how to predictably get great results with almost any type of case. This has allowed me to increase my cases from an average of one per year to over 100 per year.

At first, I was looking at the iTero as a tool for restorative treatment. With the way technology is progressing in dentistry, I wanted to stay ahead of the curve rather than having to go digital just to keep up with everyone else. Talking with my rep more about the iTero, he mentioned that it would also help with Invisalign treatment acceptance. I told him I still was not confident in how to implement it in our practice and get predictable results. This is when he told me about Molis Coaching. He explained the program as a “mini residency” for Invisalign.

I realized that I was missing out on a big opportunity to grow my practice, all because I didn’t have enough training. What other treatment do we provide that patients actually get excited about? After realizing this, I decided to get the training I needed to offer this treatment.

JA: I’m a huge advocate of dedicating yourself to really learning the orthodontics behind Invisalign to become competent, and Molis Coaching is a great place to get that. What was your experience like?

TF: Molis Coaching has changed my practice and my life. The curriculum is comprehensive and teaches you to get predictable results with almost any type of case. It’s broken up into short 5- to 10-minute video lessons that you can watch at your own pace. It covers everything from practice management, marketing, clinical, and ClinChecks.

There is also an incredible Facebook community for Molis Coaching doctors that is the most positive and encouraging group I have ever been a part of.

JA: How long did it take after completing the curriculum to see results in your practice?

TF: I saw results almost instantly! I knew with the knowledge in the curriculum and the Molis Coaching community that I’d be able to take on many more cases than I would have ever thought about before. I was able to get my entire team on board, and we ran with it. We grew from one case a year to reaching Platinum in less than a year, and we are still going strong.

JA: Where can our readers learn more about Molis Coaching and what it can do for their practice?

TF: Just visit moliscoaching.com and you can start learning how to get predictable results for almost any case today! 

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Joshua Austin, DDS, MAGD, is a graduate and former faculty member of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Dentistry. Author of Dental Economics’ Pearls for Your Practice column, Dr. Austin lectures nationally on products, dental technology, online reputation management, and social media. He maintains a full-time restorative dentistry private practice in San Antonio, Texas. You may contact Dr. Austin at [email protected].