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Dentsply Straight Trim Aligner V1

Pearls for Your Practice: SureSmile Clear Aligners by Dentsply Sirona

April 17, 2023
Why is pickleball better than tennis—and what does any of that have to do with these aligners?

Pickleball is better than tennis and a whole lot like Dentsply Sirona’s SureSmile Clear Aligners, and I’ll tell you why.

I’m not some 77-year-old country club queen, and neither is my husband, Tom. We’re athletic, like real-deal competitors. He has been an avid tennis player and was completely closed to the idea of pickleball.

But once he played, he immediately realized that pickleball has all the benefits of other sports. It’s physical, fun, and fulfilling. It’s not as physically taxing as tennis, and it takes less time. It’s just right.

So, what does this have to do with SureSmile? There are several distinct advantages with SureSmile over other aligner systems to ensure your “game” is on point.

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You may have gotten hip to an aligner system at a course or through a colleague, but that’s no reason to slam the door on everything else. Be open to other solutions. Loyalty to a specific system is fine, but trying new things might open up a whole new, better world for you.

And if you haven’t entered the aligner world, don’t knock it until you try it. Starting with easy cases—straightforward adult esthetic teeth straightening—is a good entry. Don’t complicate things. You’re not expected to be a 4.0 right away (pickleball term).

Second, consider cost. SureSmile is not exclusive to a particular scanner, nor are there any expensive memberships to get started. What’s more, with SureSmile U and education from the DS Academy, you don’t have to travel far to get trained—you can get ongoing training and coaching from customer care and sales specialists and a simple help feature in the software. Because the case fee is much lower, you can serve those savings to the patient, which makes case acceptance much easier.

You’ll also save time—not just some, but lots. The quality and design of the aligner trays are top-notch, and cases are treatment planned by the SureSmile Digital Lab Experts (real people, not a computer). This means fewer attachments and refinements, and therefore a shorter treatment time. In fact, no refinements are needed in three out of four cases. The majority of the cases can be handed to a conscientious team member.

The software is intuitive, and having the SureSmile Clinical Implementation Specialists (CIS) and Digital Lab Experts in your corner boosts your confidence that the case will go as planned. Just as I work together with my doubles partner to strengthen our team, create a united front, and make up for my weaker backhand, teamwork makes the dream work.

When I get a new hobby I run out and get all the accessories I think I need. With SureSmile cases, you get not only top-of-the-line aligners that are simple to deliver, but also a SureSmile VPro and SureSmile Whitening Kit. The SureSmile Whitening Kit is definitely a selling point, and it allows the patient to get an even better smile once treatment is complete. The SureSmile VPro is an at-home vibration treatment device that reduces discomfort when used five minutes a day with clear aligners.

My favorite part is the community. The Dentsply Sirona family I have is nationwide and close. It’s just fun to be part of a group of dentists who love what we do and get excited to “serve” our patients.

Dip your toe in and don’t knock it till you try it—just get started. You will like it. Trust me—or just ask Tom