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Pearls for Your Practice: VivaStyle Professional Whitening by Ivoclar

Oct. 20, 2022
Joshua Austin appreciates this suite of products for its flexibility, ease, and ... Instagram appeal. Learn more.

I recently had to get a new case for my iPhone. I went to the Apple Store and was totally overwhelmed. Once I found the case I wanted, I had to find the one that fit my model of iPhone. There were so many different options. iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max. The list just kept on going. What a pain it must be to keep track of the stock of all those different products! Imagine the headaches and the overhead.

I think about that sometimes for the products we have in our office. We have two different models of electric toothbrushes; each comes in three different colors. We have three different models of oral irrigators. We have three different flavors of 5,000 ppm fluoride dentifrice. And I haven’t even begun to think about the different whitening options we have to keep in stock! Can’t we find some way to have this managed for us, while being able to offer a premier, quality product? Well, we can—at least for whitening. VivaStyle Professional Whitening by Ivoclar does just that.

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The VivaStyle Professional Whitening suite of products consists of three easy options. First is the VivaStyle LED Whitening System. It has a 9% hydrogen peroxide pen and a rechargeable LED whitening light; 15 minutes a day is all your patient will need to whiten in style! These home LED kits are popular and Instragram-able. Patients have seen and want products like this.

The second product in the line is the traditional VivaStyle Whitening System, which consists of syringes of gel to go in whitening trays. Three concentrations are available: 16%, 22%, and 32%. Also included in this system is a pretreatment and post-treatment dentifrice to reduce sensitivity.

The third product in the VivaStyle system is VivaStyle Whitening Strips. These are a quick, one-step whitening solution made with 6% hydrogen peroxide.

One really cool thing about the VivaStyle Professional Whitening line of products is the flexibility it offers your practice. If you want to stock these items in your office, great! But what if you don’t?

That’s where the new VivaStyle affiliate program comes in. With just a few clicks on the VivaStyle online shop, your patients’ whitening products can get delivered right to their door so you don’t have to stock any product. And since it’s an affiliate program, you still get a piece of the action—even when the patient reorders in the future. This is a great way to serve your patients with some of the finest, freshest at-home whitening products and earn income at the same time. For once, we can get a taste of the over-the-counter whitening market.

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