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I have it—You want it! Rock Cement and All Ceramic Polishers by Cosmedent Inc.

April 1, 2020
This cement makes the decision about which one to use a little bit easier.

With so many variations on materials for crowns, bridges, and inlays/onlays, it can be confusing to know which cement to use in which situation. Cosmedent’s new Rock Cement makes the choice easier with a self-adhesive cement suitable for any material, be it metal, ceramo-metal, ceramic, zirconia, or lithium disilicate. 

Because this syringeable material is self-adhesive and sets faster than many other cements, you can save valuable chair time. As a dual-cure material, cleanup with Rock Cement is easy right after a two-second tack-cure. The cement fully sets in 20 seconds. Rock Cement has a good depth of cure and good marginal adhesion, resulting in no postoperative cementation sensitivity. An added benefit is that the clear shade stays the same before and after photocuring, which is important in supragingival preparations. 

Additionally, I like the low film thickness (less than 10 microns), so that the restoration seats fully on the prep and there is less chance of occlusal adjustments. If any adjustment is needed chairside or in the patient’s mouth, Cosmedent has the ideal polishing solution—their All Ceramic Intra-Oral and Extra-Oral Polishers. These kits have all you need for zirconia, e.max, lithium disilicate, feldspathic porcelain, and all milled CAD/CAM ceramics. Both kits contain all you need to bring back the perfect shine to your restorations. 

Both the Rock Cement and All Ceramic Polishers allow you to rock on with beautiful restorations that will make you and your patients smile.

Howard Glazer, DDS, FAGD, is a columnist for Dental Economics. He is a key opinion leader in dental products and maintains a general practice in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Dr. Glazer is a fellow and past president of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). He lectures frequently on the subjects of dental materials, cosmetic dentistry, forensic dentistry, and patient management.