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I have it—You want it! FIT SA by Shofu Dental Corporation

April 1, 2020
Dr. Howard Glazer reviews products he believes will benefit your practice.

While there may not be one composite restorative that fits all occasions, Shofu’s new self-adhesive, nanohybrid flowable resin called FIT SA will “fit” the bill for quite a few. 

FIT SA eliminates the need for a separate adhesive procedure without sacrificing high bond strength. It incorporates Shofu’s proprietary bioactive Giomer technology that releases and recharges six active ions: fluoride, strontium, natrium/sodium, aluminum, silicate, and borate. In a study conducted at the University of Florida Dental School in Gainesville, these ions were instrumental in providing a 100% retention rate without secondary caries, restoration failure, or postoperative sensitivity.1

From a clinical perspective, FIT SA is indicated for areas that are not load-bearing, making it ideal as a base/liner, a restorative in small class I preventive resin restoration (PRR) cases, as well as a restorative in class III and class V cases. Consequently, it is ideal for pediatric and geriatric patients. 

FIT SA is available in a syringe form that allows for direct and precise placement of the resin. It is available in two viscosities: F03 (low flow) and F10 (high flow). From an esthetic standpoint, the material incorporates the light diffusion and transmission of natural enamel and dentin, so it blends well with adjacent tooth structure. It is a highly polishable resin that has an antibacterial effect and minimizes plaque accumulation. When looking for the right choice in a material to “fit” the needs of your patients, look to Shofu’s FIT SA.


1. Gordan VV, Mondragon E, Watson RE, Garvan C, Mjör IA. A clinical evaluation of a self-etching primer and a Giomer restorative material: results at eight years. J Am Dent Assoc. 2007;138(5):621-627. doi:10.14219/jada.archive.2007.0233

Howard Glazer, DDS, FAGD, is a columnist for Dental Economics. He is a key opinion leader in dental products and maintains a general practice in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Dr. Glazer is a fellow and past president of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). He lectures frequently on the subjects of dental materials, cosmetic dentistry, forensic dentistry, and patient management.

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