Dentistry Unmasked: Own or be owned

July 4, 2023
Drs. Pamela Maragliano Muniz and David Rice chat with special guests Trent Watrous and Brian Hanks to decipher the pros and cons of owning a practice vs. being an associate.

Introducing … Dentistry Unmasked! In this first podcast episode, we discuss the decision that every dentist must make: buy or associate? We chat with Trent Watrous and Brian Hanks to decipher the pros and cons of both scenarios. One thing is certain—dentists can get into their own way when selling their practices. Find out how!

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Special guests:

Trent Watrous, CPA, CVA, CFE, CEPA is one of the leaders of Aprio’s national Dental practice. Trent is a well-known business advisor and speaker in the industry who has over a decade of experience working with Dental practices. He actively provides dental accounting, practice ownership transition, and advisory services. His experiences as a tax advisor, auditor, forensic accountant and expert witness have prepared him to educate and coach dental clients through the most complex of financial challenges.

IG: @aprioadvisors

Brian Hanks, MBA, CFP

Book: How to buy a dental practice

IG: @dentalbuyeradvocates