DE's Business Lab: Are you selling to a DSO?

June 25, 2021
There are many options available to dentists who are making practice transitions. If you're considering a DSO, what should you look for? Attorney Bill Prescott offers guidance.

Dental transitions expert Bill Prescott, JD, EMBA, has extensive experience guiding dentists with the enormous decision of when and who to sell to. Many dentists today are thinking about selling to a large corporate group. Prescott explains the pros and cons to Dr. Chris Salierno.

Selling to a DSO often involves a higher purchase price than selling to an individual. But after a sale, there may be some things the dentist cannot control anymore, and that’s an adjustment. The practice’s performance will be closely watched, and that could be stressful.

What is the right decision for you? What Prescott shares here may help with your decision.

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