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Dental company adds new advisory board members

April 19, 2022
Large Practice Sales announces five new members have joined its Advisory Board.

Large Practice Sales (LPS), a premier monetization advisor to large dental practices across the US, has added five new members to its Advisory Board.

“The primary purpose of the LPS Advisory Board is to provide LPS leadership with a broader dental industry and worldview. The diverse experiences of our advisors enable us to serve all LPS clients more effectively,” said Chip Fichtner, principal of LPS. “We welcome their ongoing counsel and advice as we are on pace to complete over $500 million in transactions for great dentists in 2022.”

The new LPS Advisory Board members include:

Dr. Andrew Brown

Dr. Andrew Brown is an orthodontist in Orange Park, Florida, and immediate past president of the Florida Dental Association. He has held multiple leadership positions in various dental organizations nationally, including the American Dental Association. LPS advised Dr. Brown on his partnership with a large invisible dental support organization (IDSO) in 2021.

Phil Davidson

Admiral Phil Davidson, a four-star admiral, retired from the US Navy in 2021 after nearly 39 years of service. In his last assignment, he was the 25th Commander of the United States Indo-Pacific Command. USINDOPACOM is the nation’s oldest and largest military operating (combatant) command, numbering some 380,000 uniformed and civilian personnel, and operating over more than half the globe.

Dr. Todd Jorgenson

Dr. Todd Jorgenson is one of the leading dental implant surgeons in Arizona and speaks nationally for a variety of dental associations. He is honored to serve as the official team periodontist for the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks. LPS advised Dr. Jorgenson on his partnership with a Top 5 IDSO in 2019.

Mitch Olan

Mr. Mitch Olan joined Dental Care Alliance in 1994, an IDSO with more than 370 locations in 21 states. He became co-chief executive officer in 2012 and now serves as executive chairman. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Association of Dental Support Organizations and on the boards of several emerging dental technology companies and a dental trifecta-focused IDSO.

Bhavik Patel

Mr. Bhavik Patel currently serves as the CEO and chairman of the Executive Committee for Sandberg Phoenix, a full-service law firm based in St. Louis, Missouri, with multiple offices throughout the Midwest. His practice in tax and estate planning as well as wealth management is nationally renowned. His partners focus on the sale of dental practices throughout the country.

About Large Practice Sales—

Large Practice Sales advises larger dental practice owners in partnering with invisible dental support organizations (IDSO). LPS has completed almost $1 billion in transactions between 2017 and 2022. The company is unique in that it represents and is paid only by doctors, achieving win-win transactions for IDSOs and doctors without conflicts of interest. Dentists interested in understanding their practice value today to an IDSO partner are invited to schedule a confidential, no obligation phone call to learn more about the free process. Contact LPS at (877) 437-3353 or visit

Source: press release from Large Practice Sales dated April 15, 2022