How to create your own lifelong wealth

July 12, 2023
Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz and Jim Dew share a little of what Jim will be presenting at the upcoming Principles of Practice Management conference about creating wealth.

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Jim Dew of Dew Wealth Management wants you to make money immediately when you attend the Principles of Practice Management Conference in Las Vegas. That's one of his many goals in his presentation, "Billionaire wealth strategies for dentists," on October 13.

Most dentists can't apply what actual billionaires have done to gain their wealth, but Jim will share what dentists can do to very closely mimic what billionaires do. These are ideas you can take back to practice and apply immediately to start creating your wealth.

As for that immediate savings, Jim hopes to send attendees away with some ways to not only pay for their ticket to the conference, but also their travel expenses, hotel, meals, and more. Here what else he has to say in this sneak peek of his PPM presentation.

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