DE's Business Lab: Achieve your dream practice with coaching

March 2, 2022
Think you know Scheduling Institute? Chances are pretty good you do not, because the name really doesn’t fit the company. Jay Geier explains today’s SI, and how its programs can help your practice thrive.

Like many dentists, I've heard about Scheduling Institute throughout much of my career. But do we really know the company and what SI's founder, Jay Geier, has to offer? Chances are pretty good we do not. 

Jay wants dentists to revisit Scheduling Institute and how their programs can improve your practice. Many clients are interested not only in making their current practices better, but also in acquiring more offices. SI has coaching to guide you in that big move. 

Many dentists also approach Jay with the plea, "Fix my team." He'll do that too. But he's found that offices become their best when team and dentist both receive coaching. Yes, he'll fix the team, but it helps to "fix" the doctor-boss as well.  

Learn more about today's Scheduling Institute by watching our discussion, visiting, or calling (770) 518-7575.

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