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Ihave just returned from the annual meeting of the Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures (OSAP) in Denver, Colo.

I have just returned from the annual meeting of the Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures (OSAP) in Denver, Colo. This meeting is held annually on the first weekend in June, usually at a great resort. This year was no exception!

This organization is the best source in dentistry for the latest information and guidelines on anything related to infection control and the safety of your patients and staff. Sometimes the CDC or OSHA regulations can be rather confusing, but OSAP makes them easy to understand and apply to our practices. I joined the organization when it first started and have been a member ever since. For the price of membership, you cannot beat the timely information you receive! For more information, call OSAP at (800) 298-6727.

I was amazed by what I learned at the program this year. I went to the meeting with the attitude that I was pretty well-informed about the procedures that I should be using in my office to keep everyone safe. Wrong! I sat in on a number of seminars that really opened my eyes to new procedures and products that I did not know about.

I spent an afternoon in a hands-on workshop with Dr. John Molinari and Nancy Andrews, RDH, which addressed actual products available to us. They highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of all these products with practical demonstrations. Then we (the audience) got to try them out. The speakers covered such things as surface disinfectants, hand care (how to wash, the best gloves, and the new no-wash antibacterial agents), protective devices, and barrier materials. It was a great afternoon with lots of interaction among the participants and the clinicians. Dr. Molinari and Ms. Andrews were outstanding teachers and made the subject very interesting and the learning experience fun.

I encourage you to look into joining this fine organization or, at the very least, joining us next year at the annual meeting of OSAP. The meeting will be held at the Westin La Paloma in Tucson, Ariz. I have had the pleasure of attending a meeting at this resort, and it is fantastic! OSAP has negotiated outstanding room rates for the meeting. Visit OSAP’s Web site at www.OSAP.org for more information, and map out the first weekend in June 2006 for the meeting. You won’t be sorry!

Be sure to read this month’s cover story about a husband and wife who built the dental practice of their dreams without breaking the bank. This is one of the better offices that we have featured in the magazine. Don’t miss “The New Dentist” column this month on Page 30. Dr. Mike Gradeless does a great job of explaining how to do a quick “down and dirty analysis” of a dental practice that you may be thinking about buying. By following his formula, you can stay out of a lot of trouble!

Take time to read the “Focus on Human Resources” column on Page 82. Bent Ericksen and Tim Twigg will save you money the next time you evaluate a potential employee. Many of us like to check out a potential employee’s skills before we hire. After I read Bent and Tim’s column, I realized how many costly mistakes I make when doing a “working” interview. This one will save you dollars!

September is a great month to visit St. Louis. The humidity is gone and the weather is great. Just a reminder that I will be teaching a two-day, hands-on course on “Veneers Made Easy” at the St. Louis University Center for Advanced Education on Sept. 23 and 24. Call Genna at (866) 274-4500 for information.

One more reminder: Don’t miss the best meeting in dentistry! The American Academy of Dental Practice Administration meets March 1-5, 2006, at the St. Regis Hotel and Resort in Laguna Beach, Calif. Visit the Web site at www.AADPA.org for the complete program and more information.

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