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Nov. 1, 2012

Better, Safer Products

Joe Blaes, DDS

Steam Sterilization Integrator

From Hu-Friedy

At last, a foolproof indicator of sterilization based on a chemical that integrates the three essential criteria for proper steam sterilization — time, temperature, and steam. This product, when processed along with a load, indicates (within a margin of safety) whether the proper steam sterilization criteria have been achieved. The Hu-Friedy Integrator consists of aluminum foil coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that has an embossed cavity at one end. It is filled with a steam-sensitive chemical. The dry heat melting point of the chemical is higher than the normal steam sterilization temperature. The presence of steam lowers the melting point of the chemical. A wicking strip is attached to the foil. One end of the wicking strip is in contact with the chemical, and the rest runs along the length of the foil. The foil is covered with steam-sensitive plastic that is laminated to paper with printed graphics and cut-out windows. The window overlies the wicking strip while the laminated graphics and the foil seal the chemical and the wicking strip inside. When the steam penetrates the plastic cover, the melting point of the chemical is lowered. The rate at which the chemical melts is determined by the vapor transmission rate of the plastic cover and the temperature. When the chemical melts, the wicking paper soaks up the chemical. With time, the chemical moves up the wicking strip, turning it dark. When the dark bar enters the accept window, the sterilization criteria are satisfied. While this seems complicated, it is really quite simple since no interpretation of color change is needed. Integrators are a Class 5, multiparameter chemical indicator, and are a more stringent, reliable indication that sterilization parameters have been met as compared to other classes of sterilization monitors. The Hu-Friedy Steam Sterilization Integrator is used to monitor the steam sterilization process and can be placed inside each pack or load. This system gives the office peace of mind that the sterilization process has taken place without any guessing on colors. The product is also lead- and latex-free, adding further peace of mind.

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Acu-Tip® Portable Electro-Surgical Cauterizing Instrument Kit

From Practicon

Are you tired of asking patients to raise their shoulders so you can place a grounding plate? I have had patients ask me if I was going to electrocute them. With the new Acu-Tip from Practicon, you can cauterize faster and easier. This instrument is battery-powered, and uses disposable tips. It will do what all other electrosurgery units will do, only better. It will provide hemostasis, remove soft tissue and lesions, and trim gingival tissue before impressions to provide exposure of the tooth margins. The cordless Acu-Tip is safer than AC-powered cauterizing systems. The DC battery power eliminates the need to ground patients and the risk of electric shock to patients or staff. It is nonhazardous to pacemakers. This lightweight, cordless unit is simple to use. If you now use an electrosurgery unit, you owe it to yourself, patients, and staff to get Acu-Tip. The self-contained unit quickly reaches 2,200° F (1,200° C). It performs for 35 to 40 continuous minutes on two AA batteries, which are included. The penlight-sized handle weighs only 3 ounces. Made in the U.S., the kit includes cauterizer and four short tips.

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N'Durance Dimer Core Dual Cure Core Build-Up Composite

From Septodont

Provides a solid and durable core under a crown while making your procedure simpler and faster. I have found this product has an excellent flowable viscosity for easy placement and good adaptation to cavity walls, especially in cases with undercuts. This is made possible by the patented Nano-Dimer technology. The technology is a proprietary resin matrix, including new Dimer Acid monomers that offer increased biocompatibility with a Bis-GMA-free formulation. I enjoy preparing Dimer Core because it has much higher cutting resistance than other core build-up materials I've used. You will find that this material cuts just like dentin. This reduces the risk of overpreparation, and ensures an easy, precise tooth preparation for crowns. It is available in two shades — a natural shade to blend with the surrounding dentin, and bleach white for better contrast between the build-up and the tooth. This is a dual-cure product with up to 3.6 mm depth of cure for bulk placement technique. You have two ways to cure — light cure for 20 seconds and allow the self-cure to finalize the polymerization, or light cure for 40 seconds for immediate final polymerization. You can chemical cure to guarantee hardness in instances where the curing light does not reach.

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NuSmile® Pediatric Crown

From ZR

Represents a balance between art and science. I have made my last apology to a parent or child for providing an ugly stainless-steel crown smile. I have found a new crown made from high-grade monolithic zirconia ceramic that looks like the real thing. It is nine times stronger than natural teeth but with the lowest wear to opposing natural teeth. My patients love the look and feel of these new esthetic crowns. Easy to place with conservative preps, NuSmile ZR offers the esthetics to satisfy demanding clinicians and parents. A unique internal retention keeps the crowns in place. These crowns offer superior durability to last until the tooth exfoliates without needing any ongoing repairs. The translucency of NuSmile's zirconia ceramic has been optimized for natural esthetics and to prevent dark tooth show-through of pulpally treated teeth. This helps ensure continued satisfaction with the restoration over time. The crowns are anatomically contoured, strong, metal free, autoclavable, and offer excellent biocompatibility. They are available in light and extra light shades. This will be a great addition to your practice!

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BioSurf – The 50-Second Solution

From PureLife Dental

How many times has your production suffered because of the time it takes to turn a treatment room around? I know I've had this problem! Well, welcome to the next generation of disinfection. According to the company, this solution will kill TB in 50 seconds. This would make it the world's fastest hard-surface disinfectant that kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi in less than one minute. BioSurf is also nontoxic, making it healthier for the patients and team. PureLife Dental says it is so safe that the team does not have to wear masks or gloves. In my office, I will not let the team clean without masks and gloves; that is our protocol. Now you can turn your treatment rooms faster without sacrificing proper infection-control protocol. This is one-step cleaning and disinfection that ensures hard surfaces are clean the first time around.

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