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Jan. 1, 2007
V-Ring System from TrioDent - During some operative procedures, I really struggle with the new matrix systems with sectional matrix and rings.
V-Ring System from TrioDent
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V-Ring System from TrioDent -During some operative procedures, I really struggle with the new matrix systems with sectional matrix and rings. I get everything set up, ready to place the restorative material, when the wedge or the band slips, or the ring flies off the tooth. Then I have to start all over again - wishing I hadn’t thrown away all my Tofflemeyer retainers. Well, the solution has arrived, all the way from New Zealand. The V-Ring is the world’s first Nickel Titanium sectional matrix retainer ring. The NiTi is super elastic for great strength and resilience. Its unique V-shaped tines prevent the ring from collapsing into wide cavities. They also have excellent retention as they grip tightly into the undercuts on both teeth on both sides of the embrasure. When you touch the V-Ring after placement, it feels like it has firmly gripped the tooth. This ring will work with narrow and wide embrasures and most types of bands. But wait, there’s more! The V-Ring is the only retainer ring I’ve found that does not interfere with the wedge. The V-Ring provides a space for the wedge between the legs of the tines. Now, the ring actually holds the wedge in place and makes the ring even more stable. In addition, the V-Ring holds the sectional matrix in the proper position so that it forms a natural anatomical shape. This also prevents the matrix from springing back and leaving a gap. The great tooth separation of the V-Ring system will create ideal contacts. Try one and I think you will agree that this is the best matrix system around. Order from or call (800) 959-9505 for more information.

ELECTROtorque TLC from KaVo
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ELECTROtorque TLC with Torque Limit Control from KaVo -Electric handpieces are now the paradigm in handpiece instrumentation. An increasing number of U.S. dentists are considering this shift in technology, and with good reason. Users have found that electric-driven handpieces are smoother and quieter with consistently high torque, regardless of load through the entire speed range. Most important, even beyond smooth, concentric cutting, users have noted more precise margins and defined contours with less effort in less time. Simply, performance and results are amazing. This system combines a brushless electric motor with two handpieces for all your high speed, low speed, and torque-control endodontic procedures. This electric handpiece has a high-speed range from 500 to 200,000 rpm, an operative speed range from 100 to 40,000 rpm, and an endodontic speed range from 100 to 6,000 rpm with torque control and auto-reverse/auto-forward. A convenient audible beep and flashing light notify you prior to going into auto-reverse when the preselected endo torque limit is reached. The endodontic operation is ready with a push of a button. This means that the staff can forget about searching for and setting up a separate endo motor. The water spray can be conveniently adjusted at the motor. The brushless motor on the ELECTROtorque TLC is easily sterilized for increased asepsis. Order from your dealer or, for more details, visit

Solnit Quiet Grab Free HVE from Preat Corp.
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Solnit Quiet Grab Free HVE System from Preat Corporation -How many times a day do you or your assistant suck up your patients tongue, cheek, or lip with the evacuation tip? It happens all day, everyday in our office. I have discovered a solution to this problem! The Solnit system has designed an evacuator tip that eliminates tissue-grabbing and stops the “suck back” of debris and fluid. The new tip design significantly reduces the noise typically produced by evacuator tips. The unique nozzle design captures the mist that is often contaminating the operative area. An innovative curved tip provides a full field of vision for the operator, and also acts as an excellent retractor. The curved tip allows the assistant to rotate from side to side with a turn of the wrist, and still access the corners of the mouth and maintain a close proximity to the handpiece and aerosol mist. This is a win for the dentist, the dental assistant, and the patient. This is one you need to try to appreciate. Order from or call (800) 232-7732.

NeoDiamond single-patient-use diamonds from Microscopy
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NeoDiamond® from Microcopy - These are my favorite economical single-patient-use diamonds. New technology makes NeoDiamond a premium quality instrument that is also economical. Although they can be sterilized and reused like expensive competitive brands, there are many advantages to disposing after one use. You are assured of a sterile, fresh, fast-cutting diamond the first time, every time. Your staff will love you for their new-found freedom from maintaining used diamonds, and you will love not worrying about dull, used diamonds. The reasonable cost eliminates the need to recoup the expense by reusing diamonds. The NeoDiamond is very effective for infection control because you throw them away after one use. I would like to particularly call your attention to the excellent line of finishing diamonds. You can make final adjustments and smooth the surface of composite, glass ionomer, and porcelain restorations in one step. The extremely uniform coating of 30 microns grit allows NeoDiamond Finishing Diamonds to cut smoothly, without vibration or damage to your restorations. These diamonds should be used with minimal pressure, adequate water spray, and a consistent wiping motion. Order all NeoDiamonds online at or call (800) 235-1863.

Dental Practice Optimizer from Sikka Software Corp.
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Dental Practice Optimizer from Sikka Software Corporation -I have often emphasized watching the numbers in your practice to make your dental business the best it can be. I want you to be aware of a new company, Sikka Software Corporation, that offers products that go beyond where dental practice-management systems stop. It reads data automatically from all major practice management systems, such as Dentrix®, EagleSoft®, SoftDent®, Easy Dental®, MOGO®, PracticeWorks®, and others, and your financial systems such as QuickBooks®, PeachTree®, Microsoft Money®, and others to optimize your business of dentistry using an easy-to-use dashboard. Until now, your collection and production has been completely separate from your accounts payable and financial systems. You had to go to two or more separate locations to get information on suppliers, costs, account balances, regulatory and compliance information, license and CE units management, and emergency management. Now there is a single place where you can manage all aspects of the business of your practice. Sikka Software builds business management systems such as Fee Schedule Optimizer that reads frequency, revenue, current fees, time units, lab costs, chair time splits, doctor’s and assistant’s time value, and dental cost of living. In addition, it establishes a profitability vector that it compares to a Zip code-level database of more than 55,000 dentists, and recommends a fee schedule that is more aligned with the unique way each dentist practices. The Dental Practice Optimizer (DPO) calculates information on practice vital signs, valuation analysis, overhead, inventory management, suppliers, costs, account balances and much more from your own practice data. In short, DPO automatically tracks everything in your practice and runs as a service in the background with easy setup and customization. DPO integrates the highly successful Fee Optimizer/Fee Schedule Optimizer®, Accounts Receivable Management System, and Excess Inventory Resale System from Sikka Software Corporation. You can finally take charge of optimizing fees, maximizing profitability, removing the headache of runaway receivables, and recovering cash in inventory from DPO. Contact Sikka Software Corporation by calling (866) 856-7119 (toll free) or go to Be sure to ask for the name of someone in your area who is using the system. These systems will really reveal where your practice is and where it could be.

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