ASAP Polishing Wheels

Dr. Pam’s Picks: Excellence in restorations

Feb. 23, 2023
Learn about the products that have helped Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz achieve excellence in restorations. Are they right for your practice?

The success of creating beautiful restorations is not due to a single reason. It’s often the result of a perfect balance of proper diagnosis; excellent communication skills with the patient, specialists, and the dental lab technician; skilled execution of the recommended care plan by all parties involved; and patient compliance before, during, and after treatment. Let’s be real, though; some products help support our success. Here are some that have helped me achieve excellence. 

ASAP Polishing Wheels (Clinician’s Choice): Composite polishing is important to resist plaque accumulation, surface stains and discolorations, and to enhance the physical properties and longevity of composites. It can be accomplished efficiently with reliable systems. The ASAP composite polishing wheels will bring your anterior and posterior restorations to a beautiful luster in just two steps! 

polar_eyes Cross Polarization filter (PhotoMed): I’ve been using photography for years and you cannot give your lab tech enough information, especially when you send most of your cases across the country like I do. A polarizing filter removes any extra light or reflection that can hide some important details on the tooth. Torn between two composite shades? Take a photo with your polarizing filter and you will no longer be torn. It’s great for shade selection as well! 

StellaLife VEGA Oral Recovery Kit: Get your patient’s gingiva to heal faster and look its best using a kit with natural products. This kit contains a gel, spray, and rinse that can be applied postsurgically or after the placement of provisional restorations. The health, shape, and contour of the gingiva play a significant role in the outcome of any esthetic case. 

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Optiglaze color (GC America): This material allows me to level up my provisional restorations and share important information with my lab tech. Optiglaze Color is an easy and reliable solution to add custom color or surface glaze to any acrylic (PMMA), bis-acryl, or hybrid-ceramic crowns, implant-retained dentures, composite crowns, and bridges. This helps me to exceed my patients’ expectations with my restorations! 

The Cervico System (VP Innovato Holdings): The implant-restorative interface is everything these days for many reasons: implant hygiene, esthetics, and patient comfort, to name a few. This starts at the time of implant placement. This system helps surgeons achieve a restorative-driven implant placement and helps to quickly fabricate custom healing abutments and provisional restorations with anatomic emergence profiles.

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