A quick guide to 2019 Chicago Midwinter product launches

Dental Economics takes a look at technologies on display at 2019 Chicago Midwinter.

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The Chicago Midwinter Meeting is one of the great technology expos in dentistry. Companies race to complete their development and regulatory processes to be able to launch new products at the show. Some will be immediate hits, while others may disappoint. For product geeks such as Joshua Austin, DDS; Howard Glazer, DDS; and myself, it’s like a national holiday. Here are a few products that are getting us excited.

XVWeb cloud imaging software by LED Apteryx

Booth No. 4036

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XVWeb gives you 24/7 online access to your clinical images—including through smartphones and tablets. XVWeb works with most practice management systems and is device agnostic, which means you can use it with most imaging-acquisition devices. Information is secure, backed up, and HIPAA-compliant. A full range of image analysis and optimization tools comes standard, including sharpness adjustment and annotation. The XVWeb 3D Module can be added for CBCT capability.

Planmeca Creo C5 3-D printer by Planmeca

Booth No. 1020

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3-D printers are here, and we predict that every office will soon have one. At Chicago Midwinter, the always tech-forward Planmeca will be introducing the Planmeca Creo C5. It’s been engineered specifically for dental practices, such as those that want 3-D printing for making same-visit appliances. The Planmeca Creo C5 can also be used for the high-speed printing of surgical guides, dental models, and provisional crowns. It is easy to use (no calibration required), and can print five full-arch models in 8–10 minutes and guides in 9–12 minutes. There are plenty more features we don’t have room to list here, so stop by the Planmeca booth to get the full story.

Activa BioActive-Cement by Pulpdent

Booth No. 3211

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Here’s an example of why Chicago Midwinter is such a great meeting: Six years ago, Pulpdent introduced Activa BioActive-Cement to the dental world. Dentists who were paying attention had access to this innovative product that much sooner.

If you didn’t jump on the bioactive train then, you still can. Activa BioActive-Cement is now battle-tested and serves as the foundation of Pulpdent’s bioactive product line.

Activa BioActive-Cement helps stimulate mineral apatite formation at the material-tooth interface. This natural remineralization process knits the restoration and the tooth together, sealing margins against microleakage, which we all know is a primary cause of secondary caries and restoration failure. The cement releases and recharges calcium, phosphate, and fluoride. Activa BioActive-Cement also contains a rubberized-resin matrix that is insoluble and absorbs shock, providing greater resistance to chipping and fracture. It can be used for all crown and bridge materials, and it should be on your list to see in the Windy City.

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