Stylish dental office reception areas from around the world

Feb. 23, 2023
Thinking about a reception redo? Designing an inviting reception area is not as simple as hiring a builder and moving in some nice furniture. See what these offices did to set themselves apart.

From Ben Lee, director of Vita Architecture:

Are you thinking about refreshing your dental office? Here are five dental office reception areas from around the world that are a step above most, and that I hope will inspire you when you decide to redo your office. My firm works with dental clinics around the globe and assisted with these spaces.

Designing a dental practice isn’t as simple as hiring builders and putting in some chairs. To create something as unique as you and your practice, you need to explore your values and how you want to design a décor that’s as strong as those values and your brand. Here are examples of how good design and branding can help shape your brand identity. Follow @dental_architect on Instagram for more ideas to help you with future planning.

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About the Author

Ben Lee

Ben Lee is a director at Vita Architecture, a design agency that specializes in the bespoke dental designs across the globe. Vita's current portfolio includes works in the UK, Lithuania, Singapore. and Mauritius