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June 1, 2010
No other piece of equipment makes a better statement about the way we treat patients than the dental chair.
The Elevance Chairby Midmark — No other piece of equipment makes a better statement about the way we
The Elevance Chair by Midmarktreat patients than the dental chair. This is where the patient sits for hours. If the chair is old, noisy, uncomfortable, and downright unpleasant, how can the patient expect a pleasant experience in the practice? Midmark, a company known for its commitment to what the company calls “immersive research,” understands this. Midmark’s new chair makes a great statement about how you treat patients. It’s called the Elevance, which stands for a unique combination of sophisticated styling, optimal patient access, and exceptional patient comfort. The design is unlike anything you have ever seen. The cantilever is actually at the very front of the chair, giving the Elevance the widest range of travel of any chair on the market (a full 19 inches). It is perfect for cosmetic, restorative, and surgical cases, no matter whether you sit or stand. The Elevance is supported by a newly designed hydraulic system and cast aluminum backrest to support patients who might weigh up to 450 pounds. The thin backrest provides optimal access to the oral cavity, and the sculpted backrest and integrated armrests support the upper body. The hourglass-shaped seat and contoured seat pocket comfort the lower body. Midmark also brought something over from video game controllers, components called “accelerometers.” These advanced components actually monitor the chair seat and backrest position and allow for extremely smooth movements as you recline the patient or bring the patient upright. The Elevance also features a wireless remote control and an electronic rotation brake, so there’s no more big brake lever to muscle. But what sets this chair apart is a feature called “SerenEscape.” The SerenEscape system puts heat and massage in the Elevance’s chair-back. Patients get a remote control to vary the intensity and patterns of the massaging heat. I have sat in the Elevance a few times, and have been amazed at how comfortable and secure I felt, as well as the surprising and relaxing difference the heat and massage features made. I am convinced that patients will be relaxed and comfortable. We talk a great deal about the high-tech wizardry and gadgets in the dental office. While I am a big fan of these things, too, it’s great to see a totally new high-tech approach to patient seating, comfort, and clinical access. I have watched this chair grow from a dream to reality. If you are looking for a chair that is well thought out and innovative, be sure to see Elevance. Ask your dealer for more information, or call 800-MIDMARK.Zoom® Chairside Whitening Procedure kitby Discus Dental® — How many times have your assistants had to
Zoom® Chairside Whitening Procedure kit by Discus Dental®run around the office collecting everything they need for a chairside whitening? Seems like something is always missing, particularly if the procedure was not scheduled. In cases like this, it helps to have a system in place to prevent this type of office stress. Discus has put the system in a package for you with everything you need — a post-care and maintenance kit that makes it easier for patients to manage sensitivity and maintain a white smile. Wait till you see the new IsoPrep™ retractor, which provides complete lip coverage and easier access to the teeth. The Zoom whitening gel has been reformulated to optimize pH. This eliminates the need for pretreatment swabs. When you open the box, you will see step-by-step illustrated instructions on isolation and whitening. Discus has added a surgical suction tip for easier removal of the Zoom whitening gel. Cotton rolls have been added to eliminate the need for rolled gauze. Each Zoom® Chairside Whitening Procedure kit is to be used by two patients. This redesigned kit makes the Zoom procedure easier to administer and safer for patients. Based on the input of hundreds of Zoom doctors, I am confident you will find this kit an even better value than it was previously. For training on the kit, visit and order by calling Discus Dental® at (800) 422-9448, or visit the company’s Web site at™by GC America — This new cordless high-energy LED curing light has an energy output of 1,200
Silverlight™ by GC AmericamW/cm². This extremely lightweight LED curing unit will cure a 2-mm thick layer in only 10 seconds. It offers two operating modes: “Fast,” which is 10 seconds at the maximum light intensity, and “Ramp,” which is 20 seconds with a progressive increase of light intensity until reaching the peak after three seconds. Thanks to its high-performance level and the long-lasting lithium-ion battery, it will run for 320 cycles of 10 seconds each in succession, and will recharge in only 120 minutes. This means you have almost an hour of curing on one charge. The power is processor-controlled for a constant light regardless of the charge level. The wavelength is effective on camphorquinone-composite activators. The smooth and compact surface of the Silverlight™ makes it easy to disinfect. The light guide and the optical protection are sterilizable. This is an easy curing light to use, and is light enough to move between treatment rooms. Be sure to check out the special deals that GC America offers. These deals make it easy to have a new Silverlight™ in each of your treatment rooms, including the hygienist’s. Order from your dealer or to obtain more information, visit™by Lang Dental — While visiting the exhibits at this year’s Hinman Dental Meeting, I was talking to
Aquapres™ by Lang DentalDave Lang, the owner of Lang Dental Company. He asked me if I had a Lang Aquapres,™ and I said that I thought every dentist had one. He said, “No they don’t.” I could not believe it because I have used one for years. I asked Dave if he had raised the price. He said he had not, and that the Aquapres™ is still very inexpensive. I said maybe the problem is that it never wears out. Just in case you are one of those who do not know about the Lang Aquapres™, it will make anything you do with acrylic resins — such as provisionals or removables — better. One of the easiest and most trouble-free methods to obtaining stronger, denser, and porosity-free acrylic work is to use the Lang Aquapres™ hydraulic pressure curing unit. It works on relines, repairing acrylic on partials. Aquapres™ is safe to use because it requires no compressed air or electricity. It operates safely under hydraulic pressure, and is easily applied with a twist of the wrist. The complete fabrication system consistently generates dependable, high-quality results by eliminating porosity in methacrylate acrylics while achieving long-lasting color. Equally appealing is the low cost of this unit. Small and compact, Aquapres™ can also easily be stored in your lab. It is portable, not only within your office, but also to remote clinics such as nursing homes. High quality, dependable, and color-stable, acrylic work is easily, conveniently, and quickly accomplished in your office, your office lab, or chairside. Aquapres™ is a problem solver that every practice will find helpful. Don’t be left out in the cold without the Lang Aquapres™. Order one via any dental dealer, or visit for more information.Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry: Material Selection & Techniqueby Douglas A. Terry, DDS, Karl F.

Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry: Material Selection & Technique by Douglas A. Terry, DDS, Karl F. Leinfelder, DDS, MS, and Willi Geller

Leinfelder, DDS, MS, and Willi Geller — As you know, I do not review many books in my Pearls column. But this one is extra special, and should not be missed. The information presented is worth far more than the cost of the book. This text was years in the making, and represents Dr. Terry’s dream of uniquely presenting the practical application of different restorative systems. It essentially is structured into two major parts. The first consists of the biomaterials information needed to understand the various clinical concepts covered in this publication. The second component consists of high-quality photographs that detail the numerous clinical procedures associated with a range of esthetic restorative materials and surgical procedures. With more than 2,000 color photographs, the textbook presents the practical application of different restorative systems while evaluating the torrent of information streaming from the basic and clinical sciences, and then integrating these concepts with operative dentistry. The authors and editorial board have accumulated extensive knowledge and clinical experience, and have shared their combined expertise with a worldwide audience. The color photography is of National Geographic quality. You will never again see so many images structured so exactly to show the best angle for easy understanding of the principles involved. These quality images required long hours of preparation and technical printing to ensure the color stability of each photograph. This text is obviously a labor of love, and the authors should be praised for the quality of the finished product. This is education at its finest. I know this text will remain a resource on my shelf for many years to come. I hope you will order one for your shelf as well. Dr. Terry is the founder and CEO of the Institute of Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry. He maintains a private practice in Houston, Texas, that emphasizes esthetic and restorative dentistry. To order, call (281) 481-3470, or visit
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