Decision time: Should you stay in-network with PPOs?

Ready to decide the fate of your dental practice? Join us for this eye-opening Solutions Lab as we unravel the true impact of PPOs.

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Inflation has skyrocketed above 20% over the last three years, and you’ve probably felt the rising costs in your practice in terms of payroll, supply costs, etc. In the midst of this, many PPO insurances have actually lowered reimbursement rates! Playing the PPO/HMO game nowadays can mean working harder and harder for less compensation and lower the quality of care for your patients.

Most dentists are nervous about dropping plans because they don’t want to lose patients, but we’ll show you some extremely eye-opening numbers that demonstrate what value you’re actually getting out of your insurance plans and exactly what would happen if you were to go out-of-network.

What You'll Learn:

  • Confronting the actual impact of PPOs in your practice: how much value is each plan providing, how much are you writing off, and what is it really costing you to participate?
  • What would happen if you dropped a PPO plan? Project exactly how your production and profitability would change if you go out-of-network.
  • The key steps for smoothly transitioning to fee-for-service. The essential “must-do’s” if you want a less insurance-dependent practice.
  • Free access to our proprietary Insurance Plan Analyzer Tool to crunch the numbers for your individual practice. 


Jeff Santone, MA. Econ.

Jeff Santone has a unique perspective on the dental business model, having worked as a financial analyst for the Federal Reserve and then gone on to own and operate multiple highly productive and profitable dental practices. Jeff has lectured to thousands of private practice dentists in the US and Canada on practice management topics.

Moderator | Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz

Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz is chief editor of Dental Economics. Dr. Maragliano-Muniz is a board-certified prosthodontist, she owns a private practice, Salem Dental Arts, and lectures on a variety of clinical topics.

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