How can accessiBe benefit your practice?

Feb. 3, 2022
Today's practice websites need to do more than offer a name, phone number, and address—they need to be accessible. accessiBe can guide dentists on how to do this.

Is your website Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant? Does it even need to be? Josh Basile, community relations manager at accessiBe, and Simon Benarie, senior partner success manager for accessiBe, join me for DE Solutions Lab to explain what their company does and why it's important.

Josh explains that when he became a quadriplegic, he wanted to use his voice as an advocate for others with disabilities. He said finding compliant websites is very hit or miss, with only 2% of them meeting accessibility standards. Those with disabilities often don't even know what they're missing because they become so used to going without.

Why should dentists even want to make their websites accessible? Tune into this episode of DE Solutions Lab to find out what accessiBe can offer your practice, and why reaching the disabled population is important.

Visit to learn more about their service and how they can benefit your practice.

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