DE Weekend - Jun 9th, 2024
Patient education | The New Rules of Finance | Making the oral-systemic connection
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June 9, 2024

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Most people don't enjoy performance reviews, but when handled correctly, they can be a valuable tool to develop employees and increase practice success.
Dr. Gordon Christensen says the best way to increase practice activity is by providing excellent patient education. He explains how to train your team to educate patients and shares methods that have worked for him.

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Stemming from a life-threatening situation with their son, these doctors developed The New Rules of Finance. Here they show you how you can arrange your financial life differently and for the better.
If you're not exactly where you want to be as a new dentist, this is the episode for you.
Kleer and Membersy join forces to deliver a true alternative to the conventional PPO model by providing the ultimate all-in-one dental membership plan solution.
As dental professionals, we must seize the unique opportunity to reshape the paradigm by helping others recognize the mouth as the gateway to overall wellness. Here are five strategies to try.
Enhance your patient acquisition and boost your practice's production and retention through the skills you'll learn in this on-demand webinar.
In this CE course, you’ll learn how radiation is absorbed in the body and become better equipped to explain to patients the importance of taking radiographs.