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DE Supplement

How are modern practices integrating diverse technologies into a seamless workflow? In this supplement to DE, we partner with Carestream Dental to examine the trend toward digitally integrated practices

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Office Management

It’s time to exceed expectations regarding dental office infection control

05/15/2015 Dental assistants play an extremely important role in infection control in their dental practices. Are they properly trained? Are they ready to tak...

What are the most important characteristics of an excellent dental assistant?

05/13/2015 Dr. Gordon Christensen discusses the qualities he considers important in a good dental assistant, who is so important to the smooth functioning den...

Don’t become a victim just because you work in a toxic workplace; help to better your dental office

05/13/2015 So you work in a toxic work enviroment? You are not alone. Many of your dental peers work in the same toxic conditions. You don't have to be a vict...

DANB updates state resources for dental assistants


DANB’s state resources can help dental assistants stay up-to-date on state requirements and weigh their career path options.

How to survive and thrive in dental assisting school

05/13/2015 This author decided to pursue dental assisting school, after being out of the school swing for more than 10 years. She learned a lot of tips she wo...

How to maximize oral cancer screening reimbursement

05/13/2015 Knowing the correct codes for oral cancer screenings so the dental office can receive reasonable reimbursement isn't always an easy task. As oral c...

These dental assistants make a difference explaining oral health to children

05/08/2015 Every year the dental assistants and hygienists from Dental Associates in Wisconsin visit children in schools and daycare centers to talk to them a...

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May 2015
Volume 105, Issue 5