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The Hard and Soft Chairside Denture Reline

07/29/2014 Complete and partial removable dentures can become ill-fitting. This can...

Today's forecast: Cloudy

07/29/2014 I have been told one too many times that the cloud is definitely the fut...

Using content marketing effectively for your dental practice

07/28/2014 You may have heard of "content marketing" as being the new key...

Transitions Roundtable

07/28/2014 "I have been trying to sell my practice for two years and just rece...

Should I sell my building with my practice?

07/28/2014 Often when we are hired to sell a dental practice, owners ask us if we t...

Marketing your Practice through Sports Dentistry

07/28/2014 Imagine you were the only dentist in your area that offered a specific p...

What PPOs won't tell you

07/28/2014 There are about 11 PPO plans sold for each indemnity plan. The average P...

Infection prevention products to research

07/28/2014 As a consultant, I am always looking for new and/or different methods to...

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Generate an extra 30K per year with NO net increase of time or money

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The Role of Orthodontics in the GP Practice

Learn how Orthodontics can be integral in building and energizing your G...

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