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DE Supplement

How are modern practices integrating diverse technologies into a seamless workflow? In this supplement to DE, we partner with Carestream Dental to examine the trend toward digitally integrated practices

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Spotlight Series

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Office Management

Dental virtual assistants, and why you need one

10/12/2015 There are not enough hours in the day for most dental office teams to take care of all that needs to be done. This doesn't even include the chaos t...

Thursday Troubleshooter: Micromanagers making RDH's job hard

10/08/2015 This RDH is getting frustrated with cancelling patients, and is wondering how to get her schedule filled up again. Oh, and the micromanaging dental...

SBA 504 loans for dental practices: A case study and step-by-step guide


Learn why US government 504 SBA loans are good options for fixed capital and more.

AADOM awards 'Green Leader' recognition

10/01/2015 AADOM gives the award to someone who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in inspiring the dental team to reduce waste and pollution and conserv...

Dental provider credentialing: How times have changed!

09/30/2015 A LOT has changed in the last five years with dental technology to make things much easier, and it's frightening that many dental professionals are...

ADAA observes Infection Control Awareness Month and more

09/24/2015 Infection control in the dental office is of primary importance. The president of the American Dental Assistants Association suggests dental practi...

What do DANB certificants have in common?


DANB’s 2014 Salary Survey results show unique personal and professional benefits that DANB certificants have in common.

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