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Promoting sleep apnea treatment to the masses


Are you ready to bring sleep apnea patients into your practice? Here’s your roadmap to success.

Management of Erythematous Oral Lesions

03/19/2015 Conditions causing oral erythema vary in terms of etiology and complexity. Erythematous lesions may be the result of systemic as well as local dise...

S corporations: Traveling in forbidden lands

03/19/2015 The newly elected United States Congress has identified corporate tax reform as one of its priorities; 2015 could hold major changes for dentists p...

Adding an associate: when does it make sense?

03/19/2015 Over the past several years, doctors have offered fewer associateships and partnerships due to low new-patient flow and sluggish patient demand. Ye...

Your server is dying

03/19/2015 One of the immutable laws of technology is this: all hardware will fail. If you put an ear to your server and listen carefully you just might hear ...

Instrument cassettes: Thinking ahead

03/19/2015 A mentor of mine gave me very useful advice when I was just beginning my academic career. It was this: "You need to understand where you have ...

Using social media to manage your practice's online reputation

03/19/2015 In this digital media age, your practice is online whether you like it or not. Since you can't keep people from talking about you-online or off-the...

Stop making bruxism appliances immediately


One of the most common causes of bruxism will surprise many of you reading this article. Here's a hint: It's related to sleep.

Analyzing the sleep study

03/19/2015 You may be wondering why there is an article in this issue on how to analyze a sleep study. If you do not already know, a sleep study is required i...

Advocates, naysayers, cautious observers, and tunnel visionaries

03/19/2015 In the past hundred or so years, many discoveries have been made, some of which were quickly accepted and implemented, others not so much. Among th...

Clinical situations most indicated for implants

03/19/2015 Q: Although I suggest implants quite often to patients, I do not know the clinical indications for which implants have the most need. It seems that...

Pearls For Your Practice


Pearls for your practice

DE Supplement

How are modern practices integrating diverse technologies into a seamless workflow? In this supplement to DE, we partner with Carestream Dental to examine the trend toward digitally integrated practices

Click here to download the 32-page supplement

Office Management

5 questions to ask when hiring an administrative assistant for your dental practice

03/19/2015 It's important to hire someone who is a good fit for your dental practice, who patients can relate to, and who is organized in order to help your p...

Ethical dilemmas in dental assisting

03/19/2015 Dental assistants will probably face some ethical dilemmas during their careers, and the ADAA upholds the highest code of conduct in any and all ca...

A dental assistant’s worst nightmare

03/18/2015 There are many practice scenarios that can send dental assistants scrambling, but few are worse than realizing the lab case has vanished just as th...

DANB’s certification ladder


DANB’s certification ladder offers opportunities for dental assistants at every stage of their careers. Read on to learn more.

The curious case of the missing dental office payments solved!

03/17/2015 Dealing with patients after billing statements go out is never fun for front office staff, but even less so if they cannot figure out what callers ...

Medicare – enroll or opt out? What is the answer for your dental practice?

03/16/2015 Medicare decisions must be made soon, and many dental practices are still wondering what some of the procedures are regarding opting in or out of M...

Fast and easy 24/7 appointing: The hottest trend in dentistry

03/10/2015 Don't lose patients from your dental practice because you do not have 24/7 appointing. People are online at all hours making appointments. Gain new...

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