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DE Supplement

How are modern practices integrating diverse technologies into a seamless workflow? In this supplement to DE, we partner with Carestream Dental to examine the trend toward digitally integrated practices

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Spotlight Series

Times are changing: Where money is now being made—and lost— by today’s general dentists

ROI opportunities and pitfalls in CAD/CAM, CBCT, and implant technology Over the last five years, improvements in CAD/CAM, implant technology, and digital imaging have created new profit opportunities for general dentists. To help practices take a...
Office Management

American Association of Dental Office Managers to host their 11th annual conference in Nashville

07/28/2015 AADOM's 11th annual conference will take place in Nashville, August 28-30. Attendees can obtain up to 13 CE credits during this conference.

Excellent patient hospitality will help your dental practice shine

07/23/2015 It may be hard for patients to distinguish dental practices. That's where outstanding patient hospitality comes in. Be sure all staff members are t...

Proper recruiting procedures can help dental practices find perfect team members

07/22/2015 Dental offices need to take some preparatory steps in order to bring in the right team members. Having some human resources guidelines in place wil...

Wise-up Wednesday from Zane Benefits: Employee health benefits dentists need to know


Ready to offer health benefits? A list of five employee health benefits all dental practices need to know about.

A subject we tend to avoid in dental practices: How in the heck did we get a hierarchy?

07/22/2015 Like it or not, there's usually a heirarchy in the dental practice, and dental assistants are usually at the bottom of the totem pole. But let's ta...

DANB’s Salary Survey results are in


DANB’s 2014 Salary Survey results show how DANB certification impacts dental assistants in many ways, both personally and professionally.

Front office can help remove 'just a cleaning' image from the minds of dental patients

07/21/2015 This dental office team member wanted to know why patients were suddenly not scheduling their recare appointments as they left. It's because they w...

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