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The importance of making and retaining diagnostic casts 

02/26/2015 The objective of this paper is to stress the significance of making and retaining conventional diagnostic stone casts of a patient's mandible, maxi...

The true cost of doing it for yourself

02/26/2015 In the late 19th century, Dr. W. H. Stowe, a Boston dentist, was such a talented technician that other dentists asked him to do their work as well....

Seeing the light: Innovative intraoral imaging technologies

02/26/2015 "People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe." - Simon Sinek, leadership expert ...

Dollars and sense: Saving teeth vs. placing implants

02/26/2015 The long-term success rate of dental implants has been well-documented in the literature1 and is a technology that has been a boon to the financial...

Incorporating pediatric dentistry practice and principles into your general practice

02/26/2015 Many general dentists seem to dislike the idea of treating children. They point out that children can be unpredictable. Others note that they had o...

Protecting practice assets: What every practice owner needs to know

02/26/2015 In today's digital society, protecting confidential and proprietary practice information is next to impossible. On a daily basis, employees have ac...

Thinking like an oral physician makes $ense

02/26/2015 Studies show that up to 50% of heart attacks are triggered by oral bacteria.1 Others have demonstrated links between oral bacteria and diabetes,2 h...

Getting new patients with Medicare

02/26/2015 It is important for dental professionals to understand the different parts of Medicare and which parts actually intersect with their dental offices...

The Management of Oral Lichen Planus


A Peer-Reviewed Publication Written by Jeff Burgess, DDS, MSD

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Calming and educating fearful, anxious patients

02/26/2015 Q: Often, when we've explained to our patients the treatment we've done for them and what we expect them to do following the procedure, we find tha...

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How are modern practices integrating diverse technologies into a seamless workflow? In this supplement to DE, we partner with Carestream Dental to examine the trend toward digitally integrated practices

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Office Management

Thursday Troubleshooter: How can dental assistant reclaim her lunch break?

02/26/2015 This dental assistant wants to know how she can get her lunch break back. More often than not the practice runs behind, and she's the one everyone ...

Human Resources Questions for Dentists: Can dentist fire employee who was arrested? Are cost of living raises required?

02/23/2015 Rebecca Boartfield and Tim Twigg are experts in the field of human resources, and as small business owners, dentists often have many questions rega...

Celebrating dental assistants during upcoming Dental Assistants Recognition Week

02/19/2015 This annual week of celebrating the contributions of dental assistants has even more reason to celebrate this year as assistants recognize 90 years...

Dental podcasts: Hidden gems for your morning huddle

02/19/2015 A new way to help your dental team develop their potential is through podcasts, five minutes of simple tips that can be consumed during weekly staf...

Has the ADAA been saved from bankruptcy?

02/19/2015 The American Dental Assistants Association is undergoing some transitions for 2015. Read all about them here from ADAA president Kimberly Bland, CD...

New Futuredontics’ report examines the changing role of dental office managers

02/18/2015 New survey reveals that dental office managers are happier with the way things are going in their positions than in years past, but there's still s...

DANB’s online DARW celebration


Coming in March: Celebrate Dental Assistants Recognition Week (DARW) to honor the important role that dental assistants play.

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February 2015
Volume 105, Issue 2