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Management of Acute Oral Infection - Part 2

01/28/2015 In part two of this course, the clinical and diagnostic features of conditions associated with fungal, viral and bacterial infections that clinicia...

Improved care and $63,750 over 6 years

01/28/2015 Dr. Miguel Davila and Dr. Andreea Mada of Hartford, Connecticut, are on the path to collect a total of $63,750/dentist. How are they doing it? The ...

Are you saving enough for retirement?


According to Pfau, the required annual savings rate is between 16.6% and 35.9%

A relationship with money as a quest

01/28/2015 Over the years, I have noticed that it's difficult to talk about money without allowing goals to enter the conversation. Dentists tend to connect m...

Standardizing the financial reportingof dental practices

01/28/2015 Owing to the difficulty of comparing one dental practice with another, and to the inconsistent and sometimes irrational manner in which line items ...

Why bulk fill technology

01/28/2015 The placement of posterior composites has often troubled dentists. They can be time-consuming, technique-sensitive, and costly to do. There are a n...

Digital Scanning: Not just for crowns and bridges

01/28/2015 By now,everyone has heard about the advantages of scanning dental impressions digitally. Digital "impressions" are more comfortable for p...

OraCoat H-B12 Melts: Adhering discs with hyaluronan and B12 for managing mouth sores

01/28/2015 Published studies show there is therapeutic benefit from the topical application of hyaluronan and bioactive vitamin B12 to different types of oral...

What the medical journals are publishing about the mouth, the bugs, and the body

01/28/2015 A substantial portion of the research illuminating the relationship between the mouth, the "bugs," and the rest of the body is being publ...

Pearls for your practice


Pearls for your practice

Conservative, affordable, implant-supported overdentures

01/28/2015 Q: I have many edentulous patients in my practice. Some of them are dissatisfied with my treatment, and I know that they could be served well with ...

Are you working smarter instead of harder in 2015?

01/28/2015 Working smarter means making the most of your PE - and no, we're not talking about physical education. PE stands for personal engagement - the comb...
Office Management

Handling angry patients in the dental office

01/22/2015 Most dental offices have had to handle angry patients. Some of these situations can get out of control, but they don't need to. This team member sh...

Maximize dental exam insurance reimbursements

01/22/2015 There is often confusion about when and what code to report to insurance companies for a patient’s examination visit. This easy-to-follow list shou...

Introducing the new editorial director of DAD, Kyle Summerford

01/22/2015 Kyle Summerford will be overseeing the editorial content of Dental Assisting Digest, and he's reaching out to you, his peers, for input, ideas, and...

The power of peers: Establishing professional networks

01/21/2015 Networking is not just for job hunters anymore. Networking will lead to inspiration and new ideas in your career, and will help you make friends an...

2015 meetings and events


Each year, DANB and the DALE Foundation exhibit at numerous dental meetings across the country. We hope to see you there!

How to meet the challenges of dental assisting, including the unexpected ones

01/21/2015 Dental assistants don't always know what's coming at them when they enter the career. There may be physical pain, push back from coworkers, and eve...

4 steps to improving the dental team’s resilience

01/19/2015 Dental teams should perform and produce well on a good days in the office. But you can measure a dental team's true performance on how they handle ...

December's numbers are in: Dentists' daily net production leaps 22 percent


According to the latest Sikka data, December proved to be a profitable month for dental practices.

Thursday Troubleshooter: Team feels left out! How to get dentist to share important info?


This dental team just had their best month ever, but they got no feedback or motivation from the doctor. What can they do to change that?

Thursday Troubleshooter: This dentist is breaking the law, what can assistant do?

12/18/2014 This dental assistant does not want to lose her job by turning in the dentist, but this dentist is clearly breaking the law and putting patients an...

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How are modern practices integrating diverse technologies into a seamless workflow? In this supplement to DE, we partner with Carestream Dental to examine the trend toward digitally integrated practices

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