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How are modern practices integrating diverse technologies into a seamless workflow? In this supplement to DE, we partner with Carestream Dental to examine the trend toward digitally integrated practices

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Office Management

How to overcome the hang-ups of patient surveys: Part 2

05/05/2015 Patient surveys can help you better meet patients' needs. Don't be afraid to ask patients to fill them out, but be sure to make it easy for patient...

Study notes increased emergency room dentistry in California

05/04/2015 The elective status of adult dental coverage under Medicaid in California has led to a 32% increase in emergency dental care visits during a six-ye...

Thursday Troubleshooter: Dental patient names on radiographs and HIPAA violations

04/30/2015 HIPAA in the dental office is a complex issue, no getting around it. This week's question involves patient names on radiographs, and the experts he...

Down with stress! How to be happier in your dental practice

04/24/2015 Stress can lead to a lot of problems in someone's professional life. Getting a handle on that stress is achievable. Paul Edwards has some suggestio...

Is your dental practice screening for oral cancer?

04/23/2015 April is oral cancer awareness month. Dental practices across the U.S. have united to help the fight against oral cancer by providing free oral can...

Thursday Troubleshooter: How can dental assistant ask for a raise?

04/23/2015 Asking for a raise can be intimidating. This dental assistant has not receied an increase in pay in two years. Who should she ask, and how should s...

Stand up and be recognized as a dental assistant scholar

04/22/2015 Many hard working dental assistants can take their education to the next level by becoming a Fellow in the ADAA. Here are some of the steps you nee...

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April 2015
Volume 105, Issue 4