SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Times are changing: Where money is now being made—and lost— by today’s general dentists

ROI opportunities and pitfalls in CAD/CAM, CBCT, and implant technology

Over the last five years, improvements in CAD/CAM, implant technology, and digital imaging have created new profit opportunities for general dentists.

To help practices take advantage of new opportunities—and avoid common mistakes—the editors of DE have selected four recent articles that best answer these questions:

1) Is now the right time to invest / re-invest in CAD/CAM?

2) What are best practices for incorporating CBCT into a practice?

3) What new opportunities are available for implants, including the use of guided implants?

4) What services should a practice be prepared to offer in the next ten years?

We hope this supplement serves you, your practice, and your patients well!

—The editors of DE

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