Dental-supplies catalog

Zila Dental Supply`s new 280-page catalog features an extensive line of dental supplies. The full-color catalog contains detailed product descriptions, photographs, and pricing information for over 10,000 commonly used dental products.

The company`s OLÉ Internet order-entry system conveniently allows customers to browse products and place orders 24 hours a day. A special feature, called the Personal Shopping List, allows customers to view all the products they previously purchased from Zila and quickly complete a new order. OLÉ users also can get free Internet service just by purchasing their supplies from Zila Dental Supply. Check out the Web site for details: www.ziladentalsupply.com.

The catalog also includes an application for a Preferred Customer Card. With this card, customers earn travel points.

For details or a copy of the catalog, call Zila Dental Supply at (800) 800-4939.

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DE Magazine
May 2015
Volume 105, Issue 5