Smokers mouthwash

Targon® Smokers` Mouthwash, the newest addition to Block Drug Company`s line of oral health-care products, is the only mouthwash brand specifically formulated for smokers. Now, a new flavor gives smokers something additional to smile about, new Clean Taste.

Like Targon® Original Minty flavor, Targon Clean Taste helps remove tobacco tar stains, whitens teeth and freshens breath.

Targon Smokers` Mouthwash uses a unique formula to dissolve, detach and remove unwanted tobacco stains from the teeth of smokers. It also helps to eliminate smokers` breath and kills germs that cause bad breath.

Both flavors are available in a 16- and 24-ounce clear plastic bottle that accentuates the product`s distinctive and appealing gold and aquamarine colors.

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DE Magazine
June 2015
Volume 105, Issue 6